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C. 2011The Bridge - Evesham Road, Headless Cross, Redditch, Worc's, England B97 4JX

A Centre for Christian Worship & Community Life - Serving The Community Of Headless Cross & Southcrest

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The Bridge is a Fairtrade Church
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One of the most natural responses to the birth of a child is a desire to celebrate and say thank you to God. There is still a sense of wonder at a new life - the ‘miracle’ of birth - and so it’s only natural that parents will want to bring their children to God for his blessing. Parents will often talk about having a 'Christening,' which is really a nick-name for Baptism. 


At a Baptism service parents and godparents make promises and commitments about the Christian faith and the church, these promises are made on the child’s behalf. 

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